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Trey; pros and cons


  1. He is so cute!!
  2. He is blonde
  3. His. Eyes. Are. Fucking. Gorgeous.
  4. He isn’t overweight
  5. He is funny
  6. He is nice to me
  7. He isn’t Dillon.
  8. He likes to laugh
  9. He is creative
  10. He is smart
  11. He is tall
  12. He is fun to be with
  13. He made me forget Dillon
  14. He makes me laugh
  15. He is my friend
  16. He talks to me, FACE TO FACE
  17. He doesn’t hold a grudge
  18. He knows how to forgive
  19. He smells good
  20. HIS DIMPLES!@#$ %^&*() _=+-
  21. He shows interest in me
  22. He is nice to everyone.

Notice that this list is longer than Dillon’s ever was.

(This took me one minute and forty two seconds.)


  1. He is cocky
  2. He won’t tell me who he likes
  3. He is very to-himself
  4. We aren’t very close. We’re friends…but not really close.

Okay. I am sorry. That’s all I can think of. I have been sitting here for ten minutes. And I am stuck there. So does that tell you something?



loooonnnnnnnggg night…

lots of drama has been happening in my family the past few days. but one thing made it better. I got on Facebook for, like, 2 minutes, while my dad was away. (I was teaching him how to use the computer). he answered his phone and went in his room, so I quick logged into Facebook. remember that message I sent to Dillon that I quickly regretted? well, I finally saw his response.

*** my message

his response(s) ***


do you mean you think I like you or you like me? 🙂
well, I don’t know how you interpret that, but that smiley face just made my week. I replyed:

well, I kinda like you… sorry to embarrass you…

I haven’t seen his response yet.

in other news… I had a robot baby I had to do for a home EC project. that woke me up 11 times last night, so I only got 2 hours of sleep… so yea, I am pretty tired.