just remember, someone outthere, wants you in their life.


I blocked him. From Facebook, Snapchat, And my life.

Long story short, Dillon turned into an uber perv, I told him off, and then I blocked him.
I had a long weekend, not just because of our state FCCLA meeting, but because of Dillon drama.
I told Dillon that I was putting an effort into being his friend. he said that he was sorry…put on the act as usual…and then he literally said that if I didn’t stop talking to him, he would continue to mess with me in the future. It never would end. so I blocked him. forever.
I said that I was sick of people messing with me and my trust and that I didn’t know why people thought it was okay to test me to figure out who I am. so he said this, exactly:
“Then stop talking to me.” how do you depict that?
im so upset we didn’t work out, especially since I have liked him for almost a year now. but since the fight, the feelings I had for him dramatically dropped, but I am not over him.

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